I was never a fan of Bernie Sander’s economic political stance.

It was too hard for me to chew on the idea that the United States of America can make such a ideological turn.
On the other hand however Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had benefit from my sincere fondness for what they represent in the current complicated political climate as the ones who stood on the right side of history and stood by their people in a way that their words could not be challenged nor doubted.

And now, that there’s doubt no more on Trump’s future presidential reelection I hope Bernie Sander’s political career ending will pave the path towards a paradigm shift within the democrats’ way of reaching towards electors and way of dissembling their message without aiding the republican’s innuendos.

These are not times to reenact early 00’s presidential races but, putting aside Roger Stone’s clear malignant construct, to understand that the game itself has changed dramatically and there’s no more place nor time for backgammon players to start playing chess.